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Social Impact Start Scholarship Eastern Europe is a special in-residence program for social entrepreneurs from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia. Organized by Social Impact GmbH, the participants will receive a financal contribution of 5,000 EUR and take part in a social start-up in-residence accelerator program in Berlin, Germany.

Proudly supported by SAP, soon-to-be social entrepreneurs receive coaching, training, co-working space and mentoring to kick-start their social businesses thanks to the Social Impact Start scholarship program. So far, the program has successfully supported more than 120 social entrepreneurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland during their start-up phase.

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The SESP project transfers a developed innovative learning models and (e-) learning content which are flexible enough to address the specific needs of the Social Entrepreneurship (time and place flexibility), are adoptable and modular (different backgrounds, sectors) and reflect the practical needs of the end users. The project upgrades the developed under Strategy-Train learning model on enterprise strategy and strategic management for decision-makers in SMEs. The intangible outcome of the SESP project is innovation of the available curriculum and training programmes, which will be adapted to address specific Social Entrepreneurship needs in strategic planning. The target group is also approached throughout good practice examples and case studies.

SESP focuses on managers / decision-makers of social enterprises, regardless of the sector to which they belong.

  • Primary target group: Managers / owners / decision-makers of social enterprises
  • Secondary target group: Educational institutions, trainers, tutors, coaches, consultants




SESP International conference 19/09/2013

International conference 19/09/2013
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


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The SESP project will be presented on international events

The SESP project will be presented on an international event dedicated to the  entrepreneurship, in Ponta Delgada, Acores, on 07-08/06/2013. During the event the Project Manager Mrs Rumyana Grozeva will present the idea, goals, activities and planned results as well as the on-line learning platform.  The project presentation is a part of its dissemination  actvities.
The SESP will be also presented on the following international activities this month:
3-rd edition of the Future of Education conference which will be held on 13-14 June in Florence, Italy, and the 3-rd edition of the Business and Development of the Regions conference which will be held on 20-21 June in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Third Partner Meeting / Kaunas, Lithuania Oct 2012

1-2 October 2012, Kaunas, Lithuania
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The third project partner meeting will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania, on the 1st and 2nd of October 2012. Several evaluations will take place there: an internal monitoring and an evaluation of the project development and hitherto achieved results, an analysis of the encountered difficulties and what steps should be taken to overcome and/or avoid them in the future. The partners will also discuss in detail what still remains to be accomplished and coordinate the completion of their tasks. The draft of the prepared study modules will also be presented at the event. The most characteristic aspect of the meeting, however, is that it offers particular value added to the project completion – almost the entire second day of the meeting will be taken by meeting teachers and students from the Kaunas University.

SESP Third Meeting

SESP Third Meeting "QA online survey results" - Kaunas, Lithuania 1-2 October 2012

Photos from the meeting:

Second Partner Meeting / Lisbon, March 2012

29 - 30 March 2012, Lisbon, Portugal

SESP Kick-off meeting in Graz, Austria

The first Partner's Meeting of the SESP project was held in Graz, Austria hosted by MERIG on 3th – 4th November, 2011. The Kick-off meating ran according to this agenda.

During the meeting the SESP project was presented by the project coordinator SZREDA.

Photo from the meeting.

Project start

SESP logoThe SESP project started on 1st of October 2011. The project's duration is 24 months.

This also marks the start of WP1: Project Management, WP2: National Researches on the Social Entrepreneurship and WP7: Evaluation.

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