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The main outcomes of the SESP project phases are:

  • Cross-cultural analysis: Throughout National Researches giving a clear picture of the state of the art of SEs in participating countries and of the conditions on EU level affecting their development;
  • Learning model: Based on existing good practices and the needs of SEs a learning model combining collaborative e-learning methods, community approaches and on-site training, outlined in a detailed report, serving as the basis for the implementation of the e-learning modules and the necessary e-collaboration tools as well as the tutors’ instructions;
  • SESP Curriculum and Content: Adapted curriculum and relevant learning content on SE strategy assembled for the on-site sessions as well as for the e-learning modules;
  • Instructions for Trainers: A detailed documentation for tutors and trainers guaranteeing the transferability of the elaborated learning modules and materials;
  • Training Modules: Adapted modular course programme consisting of different learning blocks which are relevant to the target group.

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