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AidLearn, Human Resources Consulting, Lda

logo aidlearnAidLearn
AidLearn, Human Resources Consulting, Lda
Rua André de Gouveia, Lote C, Loja A
1750-027 Lisbon, Portugal
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person: Maria Helena ANTUNES

AidLearn, Human Resources Consulting, Ltd is a Portuguese private and service’s SME created at 2003 that operates at national and European levels. Its mission states the aim for contributing to a better qualification of Portuguese human resources by building up a learning organisation concerned with the equality of opportunities and social inclusion, providing quality and innovative services targeted to actual needs of organisations and individuals, and by internally developing a strong commitment and team working among all its collaborators.

AidLearn works preferentially with SMEs and SMEs workers as well as deprived target groups and in the scope of the following fields: management; social and behaviour sciences; education/training sciences; social and personal services.

It is accredited by the national agency for the quality in the training field (DGERT) and follows strictly the standards of quality required by that agency of the Ministry of Labour.

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